Choices and Change


Responsibility seems to have become an ugly word over the years. It’s the thing our mothers told us to “be” (responsible) and it’s a thing that people often joke about “Oh she’s having a responsibility attack”.

I believe its because the world is edging closer to two extremes all the time, pulling apart at its proverbial seams;

On the one hand, people have become more politically correct, so murder isn’t murder anymore its “misplaced anger” and crime isn’t crime it’s the stuff of “the devil made me do it” discussions. So on the one side, there is this permissiveness that seems to have seeped through our communities and the compromises are never ending. I hear it so many times; “just this once”, “I can’t help it”, and “but I really needed it” people giving themselves permission to be irresponsible because the situation “needs it”. Ethics erode, morals become double standard devices and in the end we’re all running around feeling sorry for ourselves.

On the other side, (or seam of sanity) is the issue of CHOICE. Choice (being change’s Siamese twin because one seldom moves without the other) is just as ugly as responsibility. So many people say they had no choice. This is not about being responsible, this is in fact the antithesis of being responsible, this is the ultimate cop-out (although there are exceptions, as with everything in life). Sometimes you have no choice, but often times, you can chose to be polite, chose to have manners and chose to listen and respect Yet, because of all the running away from responsibility (and from mother’s advice) we see our youth embracing ENTITLEMENT instead of responsibility and careful, calm choice.

Our world is moving so fast that nobody is teaching the youth how to make decisions, how to choose, and why? Because nobody is taking responsibility for anyone except for their own sense of entitlement. Isn’t that just bizarre?

Responsibility isn’t something you like; its something you are and do for the greater good of all humanity. When we pull towards entitlement and we push away from responsibility, we literally shift the world’s psyche off its axis. And we see it in the world today.

So what’s the solution? I hear your thoughts.. Do we elect someone to dictate to us because we can’t be responsible? No. We start exactly where we are; in the mirror. We ask ourselves these questions:

“What am I doing and how does it impact those around me?”

“If I were to take responsibility for xyz, how could I do that?”

“what would this change or choice require of me?”

By asking the question, we face the fear, we face the possibility. And that removes entitlement, that leads to growth, that leads to the freedom of knowing we are at the top of the food chain not because we have bigger and better weapons than the rest of the animal kingdom, but because we have heart, and soul, and our heart and soul resonates within the life of others.

So sometimes the choice is to walk away. Scary.

Sometimes the choice is confront and deal, and speak. Terrifying.

Sometimes the choice is to break free from the chains that bind because it is no longer kind, no longer of service, no longer good for your own mental health. That’s okay. That’s being responsible for yourself, because only then can you be the best person you can be for those around you.

But note – each of those, are a choice. Choices demand integrity, deny entitlement and command you to step up to the plate and eradicate double standards. A tough order. But not for a person who sees the world through their soul. Because deep calls to deep, and to greater good.

Just a thought…


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