When they wear you down..

I have seen women spiral from being preoccupied or worried about a particular situation to becoming completely obsessed with either the problem or the “why isn’t it being fixed yet.” There are times when all you can do is wait, you simply have to sit on your hands and just watch things unfold. There are other times when you need to confront and deal with specific areas of life because to not do so will either worsen a situation or create so much stress in you that you can literally feel like you’re about to have your head explode.  But for everyone there should be times when everything is actually relatively calm, even if that calm is due to the waiting.

Nobody can sustain continued stress indefinitely. I know this from experience, as well as from my work in counselling. There comes a point where something must break, and if nothing gives in the situation, then that break may be your body. There comes a point where you are simply too tired to go on, often physically, because you are completely drained from trying, from worrying, from pushing on and pushing forward in the face of continued difficulties.

This is where something called adrenal fatigue can set in. It may not be a syndrome that all medics agree on, but it is a very real medical condition and should be taken care of. Essentially your body has a fight or flight type of response to stress. You cannot constantly live like a rabbit caught in the headlights because sooner or later either the truck WILL hit you or you will implode. That “implosion” is adrenal fatigue.

There are over the counter remedies that can be taken and usually must be taken consistently and continuously even if you feel better, until you actually ARE better. So if you’re not coping and you don’t know why, if you’ve tried and tried and you’re just not getting by, you’re unable to sleep, you’re continuously restless and your “crap tolerance” levels have sunk lower than ever, please do yourself a favour and get it checked out. At the very least, read up on adrenal fatigue, and consider some dietary/situational changes that can help support your immune system.

Here’s a super site about adrenal fatigue that contains a quiz that may help you to get some idea of how you’re coping (or not). Sometimes, you just can’t see the wood for the trees. It’s okay. Stress is not just “part of life”. Sometimes, stress is a killer. Go on over to http://www.adrenalfatigue.org and take the adrenal fatigue test.

Why wait until you’re so done that you’re filling up on anti depressants just to summon up a smile? You deserve more. You deserve to live your life. Life is all about change and about challenge, but it is perfectly okay to realise that sometimes you need a little help..


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