Empty boats will only float

There’s my ‘ism for the day. You’re welcome.

But what does it mean?

Consider who you are travelling with on this life’s path. Consider if you really want to go through life in an empty boat. Sure, you can take your oar and slowly move forward, but the river of life is really quite a lonely place if your boat is empty. EMPTY doesn’t necessarily mean that you are alone, though. If you are going through life with people who contribute nothing to your life and simply keep taking, or you’re enduring people who will take your oars and either hide them or pummel you with them, wouldn’t you rather chose better company.

The message for today is that nobody should have to go through life alone; friendships are important, relationships are important. In fact, they are critical. Every human being needs to feel part of something bigger than themselves and nobody should be robbed of that. similarly, nobody should be robbed of life’s pleasures and beautiful landscapes by having to share a boat with a nag, a high maintenance friend or partner, or worse, an abuser.

So look around yourself; are you surrounding yourself with the right kind of people? Are they adding to or taking away from your life, continuously?

And if you are just starting out on the journey and looking to have your partner join you in your “lifeboat”; is this the type of person that will encourage you when you’re going through the rapids, or will they sink you to use you as a floatation device?

Choose wisely, the river may be long…


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