The monster in your mirror


” There’s a monster hiding in the mirror, when I lean in close she comes nearer. She looks deep in my eyes and sees the fear. “Hush baby Hush” she whispers, “you’re the only one who knows I’m here…” (Author unknown, online source creditted to pen-name “insanity kills” )

In each of us there are things dying to come out, wanting to scream at the world (or at us) about how insufficient we are in the greater scheme of things. I’m not talking about psychosis or  bipolar disorders here, I’m talking about that self-critical side that we can allow to become the monster in the mirror. These shape shifters take the form of thoughts, fears, and even phobias that want to tell us that we can’t do this or will never amount to that. We avoid the thoughts, but they lay there lurking, waiting for one moment where our spirit light of inspiration flickers so that they can pounce and drag us down into the depths of depression and self loathing.

You can’t run from yourself.. so how do you survive their onslaught?

1. Face Them – acknowledge your fear and your insecurity verbally, even out loud to yourself

2. Give them a face – put a name to your fear or your insecurity and consider where they may be coming from

3. Get real – understand your limitations and give yourself a break. If there are things you are overlooking, however, make a list (including deadlines) of when to get things done

4. Girl Power – women are really good at letting their monsters speak when they are in a safe environment, with good friends who understand and can be a bit more objective. Call a girl friend who can help you with a reality check

5. Laugh – nothing scares of darkness like a little light; after all, there’s no point living like it’s ‘Halloween on the inside’



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2 Responses to The monster in your mirror

  1. tharwat84 says:

    Reminds me of an excercise we used to do- to look in the mirror and say “i love you”.
    Not everyone was able to. Me never found a problem. I’m not perfect but I know I am good, respectful and a loving person. I am able to shine within, sometimes I hide it, not everybody’s happy to see a happy person, evil eyes every where. But I am not afraid of shining when I’m alone, I can be who ever I want when I’m happy…


    • It’s a good exercise to do. And you’re right, sadly confidence and joy only bring out smiles on the faces of those who really care. For many people one’s happiness is seen almost as a personal affront because they simply cannot see anything positive in their own lives. Often there’s a lot to be seen in their own lives but they miss it because they have built up such bitterness at the hardships of life (however small) that they are incapable of recognizing the joys. Then of course you get others who cannot see your joy and smile because they wish it were them, not you, feeling confident. Thank you for sharing.


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