Today’s challenge..


A brief click-stroll through social media will reveal that hundreds upon hundreds of people are looking for positive messages. We crave them online and yet we save them all up for online; quite the paradox, isn’t it?

It’s the ultimate escapism really; but what would happen if you really took some of those positive messages and let them transform your day?

For instance, in one of my latest tweets I mentioned an exercise which actually works, but i wonder how many people would do it. Take a blank piece of paper, write down all the things you are grateful for. You can say a little prayer of thanks if you are inclined to do so. feel each one, the impact it’s had on your life, the joy it has brought you or the sense of security. Then pop it into a pot of your favourite flowers (mine are roses), telling yourself that every time you see a new leaf, or  a rose bud, or observe the way the flower blooms you will remember those many wonderful things that are in your life right now. Even if they are gone by the time the flower blooms, even if that relationship is over or someone has passed away, those flowers will remind you to be grateful for their contribution in your life, and they will serve as a testament to you that if you were grateful for that perhaps you can find more things to be grateful for today.

We’re often so busy rushing around that the things we are grateful for disappear into the background noise. But they are real! If you took even one of them away they could in fact cause your entire world to crumble. We rush past them as though having them is something we can take for granted. We can’t. Taking things and people for granted is what leads to pulling away. In terms of people, consider one person in your life, perhaps your special other. Understand then that nobody will stick around forever if they feel unappreciated and unloved, or taken for granted, or that they have to be available to you when it works for them regardless of how it affects you. Nobody will stick around if they have to live their life purely in service of what suits you; not forever. Sooner or later, even the most compassionate person gets tired of being taken for granted. So don’t walk past them, don’t assume they will always be there, don’t assume that somehow you can keep them there by throwing them a little attention now and then. Takes gratitude to another level, doesn’t it?

So here’s the challenge; SPREAD THE JOY CHANGE YOUR DAY

It may seem like a silly trifling, but try it; drop me a comment of some of the things you are grateful for; I’ll go first to get the ball rolling…


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One Response to Today’s challenge..

  1. I’m getting the ball rolling – I’m grateful for a warm winter, for my work and sustenance, for my family though far, for each of the women who have come to me for help over the years and have made me feel incredibly special for trusting me with their pain and their joy, i’m grateful for having grown out of it; i’m grateful for humility that shows me I have so much (so so much) to learn and grow, still. I’m grateful for friends who I can reach out to. I’m grateful for my family.


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