Go to it!

Do you know where you're going?

Do you know where you’re going?

It’s that time of year when you may be feeling a little run off your feet. The year is a good six months over with and you’ve dealt with the project kick-offs, the launch planning and if you’re in business strategy you’ve already started planning for the year end.

Everything around you is everywhere; up in the air, down on the ground, and all around. There is probably very little room to take a breather. And then, to top it all off, someone or something has gotten under your skin. It’s just the time of the year when you are in-gear, and the very last thing you need is someone trying to sabotage your progress, your thoughts or your joy.

Do YOU believe?

Do you believe?

Solution; press on. Sometimes, you need to actively choose not to let people or situations get to you, you need to let them slide off your back and know, (just because you know) that  things are going to work out perfectly for you. There is no doubt. How do I know this? Because you get what you work for.

So put it out there!

Grab the wheel and GO GO GO!

Grab the wheel and GO GO GO!

When I was learning to drive, I had a driving instructor who used to sweep a hand in front of the windscreen and say “There’s your goal, not in the car; go THERE!” That has always stayed with me and I teach women to apply it not just to driving, of course, but to life. Keep an eye on your goal, on your prize, on your happy ending. And no matter what, no matter who, no matter when, don’t take your eyes off it.

Of course when you are determined, there will be boogie-men (or boogie-women) popping out into the path saying “NO! You will not do this/that! You cannot BE or TRY this! You CAN’T have that! You will not succeed because I will stop you!” Naysayers, evildoers, even bullies will try to make you believe that you don’t deserve it, or you are not good enough, or you can’t achieve this or that. Some will physically, mentally, psychologically, emotionally and even SPIRITUALLY try to get in your way. Remember that that’s when all you need to do is drive on by. You don’t have to stoop to their level, you can simply, at that point in time keep driving, if need be right on over them, because the truth is this: –

The Truth - Some people want to stop you!

The Truth – Some people want to stop you!

They do. But since you can’t always do that (not legally anyway!) you can ignore them, and press on..

Tenacity and persistence is worth more than many weapons, and far more than sheer greed. If what you are trying to achieve is honorable and will add value to your life, then nobody and nothing should stand in your way even if they try.


Grab the wheel and Go Go Go!!

When you adopt this attitude, mountains become road bumps, and whilst road bumps on the street may be speed bumps to slow down on, Road Bumps on the path of life were made to force you to grab onto the steering wheel and laugh out loud about as you bump along and pick up speed!

No matter what!

No matter what they say, what they do, what they try, SEIZE THE DAY!


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