The wheel does turn..

nothing broken is ever the same

Today’s post is about popping the cap on a not so little thing called oppression and retribution. No matter your religious frame of reference you will have seen, as I have, that sooner or later Justice is served, and for those who oppress, it is often served cold, dry, and in broken glass made of the tears they’ve caused others to suffer.

The world is full of people who know full well that others have rights and quite happily chose to ignore that, so as to impose their will to control on others. The level of selfishness I have seen people exposed to is mind boggling. On a worldwide scale you, look at countries that have been living through a war caused by the “noseyness” of other countries which actually stems from greed. (I will avoid going down the political road too much beyond that although much could be said).

image doesn't have to rule the world On a community scale, you see people who know full well that a particular reality exists but because the reality hurts their sense of pride and entitlement they chose to overlook it, suppress it, oppress it and do all they can to obliterate it instead of doing the right thing and acknowledging the rights of others. My personal frame of reference from a religious perspective teaches me that every pharoah falls and sooner or later the wheel turns, and these are the same people who will be crying “poor me” when the proverbial crap hits the fan in their own lives. To put it simply, Karma is, indeed, a “bitch”.

break out, believe

So let me say for all those who are going through hell on earth brought on by another- 

STAND. Believe. Know. Trust.

– fathers out there who out of pride and trying to “preserve their nice quite life” refuse to acknowledge the children they have, refuse to support them, refuse to have anything to do with them – you will have your day, if not now, I believe you won’t escape because the nature of what you are doing simply begs balance for those you are doing it to.

bondage always breaks with time.

-people out there who are living what is tantamount to a secret life because person x or y or group p and q don’t want their boat rocked because their pride and greed would hurt too much I’m here to tell you – your oppressors will have their day. The higher your oppressor places themselves on a pedastal, the harder they will fall when they fall. And they WILL fall, because a greater power is watching and those who have no respect for that power (or call it destiny/universe/whatever your belief is) will sooner or later feel its wrath. This goes for EVERYONE _ whether you have to hide your faith, are a victim of persecution, or have people out to get you simply because you exist and they believe you shouldn’t – know that you know that you know that EVERY Pharoah falls. So whilst they abuse, hurt, ignore, suppress or oppress you they are simply adding to the fire they will feel the day they feel the full wrath of what their own hands have carved. I have seen this happen, I am sure I will see it again, and again, and again.

laugh now, pay later. Such is the gift of gossip.

-people out there who are living in fear because your abuser tries to get you to conform by force to their worldview; know that you cannot be broken. And know that when they least expect it those who wish to obliterate your sense of self esteem will themselves feel (multiplied at least by three!) that which they used to you to do be avenged, somehow. I’ve seen it happen. I’ve seen those same people who were laughed at, ridiculed, or made to feel stupid, inferior, belittled etc. RISE – they rise because being broken to the point that you cannot walk another step somehow lets you grow wings. And as I’ve seen these people rise I’ve seen abusers receive such misery, such angst, such devastation because of what they have earned by their own hands that even the victim feels sorry at times, but the wheel that was set in motion by the hands of the abuser is turning so fast now from the pressure they themselves caused that not even the victim has the power to stop retribution. Nor should they, in my opinion.

You can survive.

Retribution, not Revenge

This is not the law of revenge; it is the law of balance, and of justice. It’s not something to be scoffed at or giggled away. It may be unspoken by the victim but it is joyously felt and spiritually known to be the firm and full reality when eventually the wheel turns.

you get what you give

Be careful, then, what you teach your children about respecting the rights of others. It may be hard to bite back the pride and do the right thing but it will be far, far harder to swallow the bitter pill of retribution. (And know, in case I haven’t been clear, that retribution ALWAYS comes.)

-those who work in an environment where people try to push them down, steal their ideas, ride on your coat-tails or rest on your laurels; know that when retribution comes you WILL be taken out of that situation because you had the faith and trust to push through it until you see those same people get their just rewards. I’ve seen it happen and it gets ugly, but it’s on their own head.

-those who are financially oppressed, emotionally or verbally abused, physically victimized or having to live with a psychopath (etc) should know,  (please do know without a shadow of a doubt) that the wheel turns, that there is a power greater than all of us, and sometimes the wheel turns so fast it literally falls onto the abuser. This is not of your doing, it is their own work heaped upon their own head.

For those who may read this that think this is a vicious, hateful thing to post, let me say this – the hateful thing is what was done up front, and justice thankfully doesn’t discriminate. Justice, balance, that is the essence of true kindness, and where this is absent it must and will be reinstated.If one cannot side with a victim of oppression, with someone who has lived a life of sacrifice or pain or hurt (or all) for the sake of the pride and greed of another, then perhaps those readers should take heed, because every tear is counted.

 Put out evil get it back,

Be reassured; I’ve seen women broken by heartless, greedy, prideful people who put themselves, their own pride and greed and selfishness before the rights of others. It’s always about not wanting the truth about their own selves getting out and that really isthe root of crime, the root of evil; PRIDE. This encompasses greed, selfishness, etc.

I always tell the women I help – such people should watch your actions; when they suppress, hurt, kill the joy and the peace and the rights of others they are actually harming themselves, it just hasn’t caught up to them yet but it will. In our actions towards others- we’ll either “get busy living, or get busy dying”.

Hang in there and believe because retribution may wait, the wheel may turn slowly, but be assured that good always triumphs over evil.

**this post is dedicated to a special lady who has endured more than her fair share. Be brave, stand strong, the waves may crash around you but only you can chose to fall.


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