Living in a box, walking with the crowds

Fitting into someone else's mould

Are you living in a box

Are you boxed in? Living according to someone else’s preconceptions of what you should be doing, who you should be seeing, what you should be thinking? No? Really? How sure are you…

There is something extraordinarily powerful that comes with living in your own personal truth. In the process of life coaching, one of the key things we do is to separate who you think you should portray yourself as being, from who you really are. Once we get to grips with who we are in the inside; the good, the bad, or the ugly, we are then in a position to really develop a plan for where we want to go in life.

Credit: Kinga Britschgi, digital artist

Image Credit: Kinga Britschgi, digital artist

For most people (not just women) life is a process of doing rather than a process of being. We fill our lives with things we need to do, lists of what we need to prove to the world, and in the process we often become just a spectre of who we really and truly are. Being genuine is not a simple or easy thing to do; being genuine is uncomfortable, it means that many people are not going to respond to you (initially) the way may have hoped they should.

Sleep walking through life

This is what I call the Being Dilemma – On one side of this dilemma there’s moving with the crowds with a little bit of you thrown in; you become an amalgamation of many of the aspirations you perceive to be “real” whether these are imposed on you through media, through society, or through the various interest groups or communities in which you are involved. You move in these groups, or herds if you like, that do certain things and make certain noises. The payoff is acceptance (although we never recognize it’s superficiality). On the flip side of the being dilemma lies You,actually being-  the person that you really are. Many of us don’t walk in that personal truth because it’s uncomfortable to stick out as different, in a world that likes conformism. Our inner self is sometimes kooky, sometimes spooky, but always, always unique. The payoff for being yourself in all your hairiness is that you may not be very popular initially, but you will be unique, and you can be guaranteed that those people who actually stick around are trusted friends, trusted partners; life becomes deeper, more whole, much more real and vibrant, beyond what you knew. Eventually this earns respect, and you become more peaceful because when you put your head on the pillow, you can face your demons, you can face your God, and you can face yourself. You know at this point that you are being YOU and not hiding from anything at all.

Part of the crowd or ONE of many individuals?

Most people can’t transition from being one in a crowd (with a little “me”) to being ONE among many. It takes soul-seeking, it takes personal pain, it takes a lot of hard work. And more often than not, it takes change. Sometimes that change is so radical that people wonder if you’ve lost the plot altogether; you may change religion, change careers, change many things.

The life-coaching process we walk you through is geared towards taking you from the crowds to the mirror, gently helping you to peel back each veneer of “what you are doing” until you are “Who you are” , doing what lies at your core; living your personal passion and your personal truth. It is a process of becoming more you, more honest and with more integrity. It comes with pain, with loss, but also and with tremendous gains because in the process you begin to see that the world is made of two things; the sleeping masses, and the breathing, living individuals that actually turn the hands of progress. We can chose to awaken.

Waking up from the slumber, you will be different to what you think you should be

Take a look around you; are you living something because it’s expected, because you’re being pressured to, because you’re afraid of the repercussions of walking into your own personal truth and reality? If so, you’re giving away every day to the sleeping numbness of existence, rather than LIFE.

True life means you get to choose. The truth (within) really does set you free. You really do live a deeper existence when you are able to accept personal responsibility for your own choices. You really do live a more enriching life for yourself and others when you speak and move from your inner, personal light, when you die to the preconceptions of what you should be, to become who you are; and awaken.

Being you in the world, not a clone of what the world thinks you should be

You can chose to live your potential by responding to the call of what your own spirit and your own inner being knows itself to be. Or you can remain outside in the crowds and away from yourself, living a collective illusion of who you should be, out where the matrix is very, very real.




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  1. jenni says:

    wonderful. speaks to the heart and the soul


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