Life’s twists and turns


I have said it before and I will re-iterate now; there is only one guarantee in life, and that  is that things will change. And the more they change, however, the more they remain the same, coming full circle to remind you of where you once were. It never ceases to amaze me that the people who are meant to be in your life will make their way into it, somehow. Sometimes at the strangest times, but usually when you need it most.

I believe that every woman needs a friend who will remind her of who she came from, so that she will recognize how far she’s really traveled. She needs a childhood friend, to remind her of her roots, as well. These things are necessary so that one remembers that which is important and that which is essential.

So here’s to the friends that keep you sane along the journey, the friends that stay in a small corner of your heart despite the waves of time washing past or rushing by. The ones that make you who you are and have been there when you’ve won, when you’ve loved, when you found yourself a hundred times over and lost yourself one hundred and one times all over again.

Life is a journey, stay on the road and keep your eye on where you’re headed, but don’t forget the value of looking at those who walk alongside you. Sometimes they are there in flesh and blood, sometimes they are there as a memory, but if they hold value, they never leave your side, and they never, ever forget.




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