Release the ropes..


I have been privileged in life to have had few good friends. You may find that a strange statement but it’s true. Good friends really are a gift, and they can never be found among the crowds. They are the type of people that may dip out of your life for a time, but somehow find their way back and it is as if they were never gone.

The noise and clatter of people that reek of nail polish and gossip, chrome and cold marble hearts of no substance isn’t something that I find attractive, I don’t know about you. Whilst I respect prosperity i have found that sadly many people who find wealth become so rich that all they have is money. They lose their respect for others, for themselves, their sense of kindness, and they start to live empty lives, the veneer of “apparent happiness” belying a rotten core of sadness, abuse, lies and betrayal. We’ve all known that type of person. We’ve all been exposed to the glimmer and attraction of being part of the “in” group. I’d rather have 3 good friends than a world of admiring fans. It is sad to see people try to keep up appearances rather than simply be REAL. People who live behind lies and smoke and mirrors of pretense that they are happy when they are dying, every day a little more, to the need to get away from the maddening crowd.

Rope 5

Without respect you have nothing.

Imagine a tightrope. Imagine you are past of that rope; it reached from within you. Look below you and ask yourself if you are grounded on something that really resonates with who you are. Now look at the other end; are you being pulled at the other by the type of person that truly loves, accepts, and supports you in your inner integrity and the truth of who you are? Are those people who are pulling to stretch and grow you and share their walk with you all pulling in the same direction? If not, you have a problem.

rope 1

Let’s take that image one step further; if your soul is the rope, then who are the friends and companions that pull you along and whom you pull along? Are they syncronised to your wishes, your dreams and aspirations, or are they pulling you towards their own will, their own ideals, their own “say so” of what you should be doing with your life and how or whom you should be living with? I can’t imagine a sadder or more frustrating way to live. The rope begins to shred, as each pulls in a separate direction; it begins to tatter, to divide into bits and pieces until you no longer recognize your own will. The weaves of that rope will snap in places, weakening it. Your strength is divided, your joy cannot be found and your peace is robbed.

Rope 2

So what is the solution? First, look to the anchor on your rope. Are you anchored in a source that reflects you, in your own uniqueness? Now look to the ropes leading out; look to those who pull on you and take back the reigns. Understand that it is you and you alone that gets to decide who pulls on you. The quality, character, nature, kindness of the main characters at the end of your rope should be such that their light flows with yours, their love with yours, their peace with yours. If that is not the case, then it is time to take back the reigns and chose again. You are in charge of your own choices, because you alone live their consequences. It doesn’t matter if you have to re-adjust your ropes two, three, four or five times, Friendships must be those that build you and Love must be that which supports and uplifts you. Otherwise you just end up hog tied and trying hard to break free.

The journey is full of people that will quickly cut you down, rip you apart, take advantage of you; don’t let any of those latch on to even a shred of who you are. This, dear reader, is living in personal integrity.

Rope 4

So look within and don’t forget to be that type of friend, of love, that adds value and contributes joy and peace, because no matter how much they may love you it is guaranteed that people WILL eventually grow weary of being pulled and hurt and torn.


rope break free.jpg

Destiny is determined in part by who you share your rope with.

Here’s something I came across that i found really beautiful. They are lyrics to a song but they are just what needs be said.
Well your friends know what’s right and your friends know what’s wrong
And your friends all know sometimes its hard to choose.
But the friend who helps you see where your choices will lead
Is the kind of friend you never want to lose.

It’s that friend who leads with love, doesn’t push, doesn’t shove
Just reminds you of the truth you’ve always known.
Then does more than just talk, takes your hand and starts to walk
By your side along the road that leads back home.

And this friend seems to see all the great things you’ll be
Even when some things you do would prove him wrong.
But he always believes that the real you he sees
Is a champion he’s simply cheering on.

And the love that you feel from a friend that is real
Is more powerful than anything on earth.
For it lifts and it grows and it strengthens and flows
It’s what allows the soul to feel just what they’re worth.

So many lonely souls are calling
and a brighter star would not be falling
if only they had a friend
a real friend

Everyone hopes to find one true friend who’s the kind
They can count on for forever and a day.
Be that friend, be that kind that you prayed you might find
And you’ll always have a best friend, come what may


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