One year old

Wow, I can’t believe this blog is one year old. I have to admit that I had planned on blogging alot more often but it is always a balance around what to share and what to withold.

Suitably so, today I’d like to talk about memories. It is understood that one cannot look back on the past and expect any type of salvation from it, because the past is simply a contributing factor to our present. But we can, and should, carry with us those things that have added value to our life experience. Some memories never fade, some friendships outlive even the deepest or most prolonged time of separation, and the fragrance of lives touching one another will at times never be forgotten.

For those who’ve read the blog, thank you.l know that most subject matters covered here can touch on deeply personal thoughts and emotions and so I was, quite honestly, not expecting any comments at all. To those brave souls who have indeed commented or followed the blog, I say thanks for the words of support.

Here’s to looking ahead, and taking into our tomorrow all that which is beautiful, uplifting, and that which fills us with joy.





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A life coach and energy healer's blog about experiences shared, lessons learned and challenges overcome. A place of serenity where the feminine psyche finds expression. Comments and opinions welcome.
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