About the Blogger

  Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem.

As a life coach, academic and energy healer, I’ve been prompted to write over the years by  various friends,colleagues and loved ones who insisted that I share some learning experiences and what some of my closer friends refer to as the wisdom of an old soul. (Note, this is their reference, not mine.) Anyway, this blog is my attempt at transposing into the written form those thoughts, images and ideas that have helped women I have counselled, helped, coached, mentored or simply walked alongside on this path called life.

I’ve been in the corporate world just as I’ve been in the hands-on work of helping people in impoverished areas and in all of these I have found women who fight the same inner demons and strive for the same things;  they yearn for acceptance, love, and kindness in a world that’s grey from lack of compassion and green with the greed of money. I’ve found women of faith and women who live on the next breath for hope because they’ve become jaded and lost their pink shades of joy.  You see, there are only two things that I have found to be a constant in my walk or that of the women I’ve come across; Change, and Choice – and these two run around each other like children playing games of catch.Life is not easy, but it is inevitable. Death is not convenient but it’s unavoidable. What you do and how you think in between is what determines the quality of your reality and your relationships.

The blog is aimed at women, their inner beauty and acceptance, empowerment, their fragility, and the kindness and compassion that lives in many (though sadly not all) of us that belong to what I like to see as the gentler gender. I believe that women have a duty to beautify the world through their own personal brand of love and through the colours with which they view their universe though large and small. It is aimed at the career woman, the mother, the teenager, the warrior woman and the weeping child within.

I want to thank my Creator for bringing me to this point, my mother and father for always supporting me in my walk, my sister for her carefree attitude to life, my beloved for his passion, love and inspiration, and my child for the truthful simplicity and faith with which he helps me  to see the world. I also say thank you to  all the many women friends and clients who have strengthened me either by their challenge, their wisdom or their example.


I hope you like what you read herein.



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