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Taking out the Trash

There is something very beautiful about being able to just be “you”confident in who you are, your beliefs and what you do. It is a position that not everyone reaches because it requires maturity and it requires the understanding that … Continue reading

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Fall down 11 times. Get up 12.

One challenge facing people today is that of career choices.The world is changing fast, technology is impacting us daily and so it is that the way we do business has to adjust, and sometimes that adjustment is too much for … Continue reading

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  Many relationships fall apart. Many people have affairs. Many people live lonely, empty lives whilst surrounded by everything money could buy; a shell of existence. They fill their lives with “lots” of “little” . The question is, why? Because … Continue reading

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One year old

Wow, I can’t believe this blog is one year old. I have to admit that I had planned on blogging alot more often but it is always a balance around what to share and what to withold. Suitably so, today … Continue reading

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Release the ropes..

I have been privileged in life to have had few good friends. You may find that a strange statement but it’s true. Good friends really are a gift, and they can never be found among the crowds. They are the … Continue reading

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As a life coach and energy healer I’ve come across many different situations, sometimes officially and sometimes on the path, as fingertips touch the lives of others on their own journey. In every circumstance we live there is a transfer … Continue reading

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Life’s twists and turns

If I have said it before and I will re-iterate now; there is only one guarantee in life, and that  is that things will change. And the more they change, however, the more they remain the same, coming full circle … Continue reading

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The Ugly side of the Race

Warning: – I must state upfront that I will, in this post, be calling  a stick a stick and a spade a spade. I will also be referring to black, white, coloured, indian and asian population groups purely because this … Continue reading

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Living in a box, walking with the crowds

Are you boxed in? Living according to someone else’s preconceptions of what you should be doing, who you should be seeing, what you should be thinking? No? Really? How sure are you… There is something extraordinarily powerful that comes with … Continue reading

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Pathology of the Unwavering Manipulator

Being an avid reader, I must say that the novel “Shatter” by Michael Robotham is one of my all time favourite crime novels, although I read many different genres of work. In this novel, a serial killer stalks women and … Continue reading

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