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Release the ropes..

I have been privileged in life to have had few good friends. You may find that a strange statement but it’s true. Good friends really are a gift, and they can never be found among the crowds. They are the … Continue reading

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Plastic women and fake smiles

Okay, so its time to lay this out there. Many women i have helped or counselled over the years complain that there is nobody they can trust, that the women they should be able to turn to are in fact … Continue reading

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Coining a new term – “Femininism”

         Many of the women I’ve spoken to or worked with  were self-declared “feminists” until they realised they were far better than that – they were feminine. Many feminists are (though not all) against marriage viewing it antiquated and overrated, and … Continue reading

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Today’s post is based on a situation with a lady who asked for assistance in this particular case. Shena *not her real name* has been involved in a few relationships over her 45 years. Each time, she gives her heart … Continue reading

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