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As a life coach and energy healer I’ve come across many different situations, sometimes officially and sometimes on the path, as fingertips touch the lives of others on their own journey. In every circumstance we live there is a transfer … Continue reading

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Living in a box, walking with the crowds

Are you boxed in? Living according to someone else’s preconceptions of what you should be doing, who you should be seeing, what you should be thinking? No? Really? How sure are you… There is something extraordinarily powerful that comes with … Continue reading

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Plastic women and fake smiles

Okay, so its time to lay this out there. Many women i have helped or counselled over the years complain that there is nobody they can trust, that the women they should be able to turn to are in fact … Continue reading

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Coining a new term – “Femininism”

         Many of the women I’ve spoken to or worked with  were self-declared “feminists” until they realised they were far better than that – they were feminine. Many feminists are (though not all) against marriage viewing it antiquated and overrated, and … Continue reading

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Opposites do not attract

If there’s anything you get from this blog today, I hope it’s the fact that you remember and understand what the title means.   People like to say that opposites attract, but they don’t. Seriously, who came up with this … Continue reading

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Contentment- what it isn’t So you noticed her shoes; but did you see her boyfriend? Do you wish you were the one on that train, or do you eye your couch suspiciously since you’ve seen theirs? Then stop, and take … Continue reading

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