‘isms for thought..

A good friend of mine once told me I should write down my “Rabia’isms” or quirky sayings that sometimes pop out, so here they are..


-The past does not stay dead, it lives, and sometimes it can be revived right smack bang into the present.

-It’s never sunset in BE-You Land…

–You cannot take responsibility for other people’s joys or other people’s self made jails.

  • Don’t worry too much about other people, crowds are made up of either individuals or clones; the clones are just noise, the individuals will respect your sense of self. Either way, you’re okay.


 “Don’t get so busy doing that you forget your BEING.”

lion“you can’t teach a lion to knit”..  you can’t change the character of anyone once its set. If someone (a friend, partner, whatever) is aggressive and refuses to see the aggression as anythin

g other than their right, there is no way you’re going to calm them down, sit them down and help them see reason.

When it comes to lions, there are 4 choices you can make:

1  – stick to “knitting” with a friend who will listen and help you get through whatever it is that is happening, and learn to live with the lion

2- learn to ROAR – set your own boundaries and stick to them even if the lion heads to another part of town

3 – learn to live with the lion – understand why the person is aggressive and accept your fate, even if that means you may get eaten. (Hey, it’s a choice! And some people will choose that, and its ok to not be ok if you’re not ready to move to number 4)

4 – Kick. Him. (or her) Out.


“DON’T let the rain make you fear the path.” Just because you don’t know how others will react to you doing something or behaving in a certain way, doesn’t mean you shouldnt be true to who you are. Life is full of people ready to tell you that what you’ve done is wrong, even who you ARE is wrong, but being true to yourself means that you live in the conviction of your beliefs and values and others do Not have to lend their approval to that.


” monkeys shouldn’t wear hats.” In other words unless the person speaking to you speaks with an authority that you can respect, their opinion should not matter.


” Don’t water the rocks. ” if you know that someone is going to procede the wrong way regardless of good advice or reason, let them fry their own future and don’t waste your energy on them you have bigger fish to fry.


” every Pharaoh falls.” It doesn’t matter than someone appears to be getting away with blue murder,  if their cruelty is real then sooner or later they WILL dig their own grave, thinking it’s a hole for another person. God doesn’t sleep nor does the universw tolerate chaos indefinately…

“Lend out your ears and you sell your soul” – an entire post is dedicated to this.

“Sometimes sadness moves in and the only way to move it out is to pack up the reasons for its existence, and chuck those out.”


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