Energy Healing

What is Energy Healing?

Everything that exists, visible or invisible to the naked eye, is energy. Atoms and molecules vibrate at different speeds and different frequencies and this gives us what I like to call the appearance of matter. The flowers on the desk are grouped together, vibrate together and assume thus a form of their own which is perceivable to the eye. This is energy.

Regardless of your faith perspective or your religion, it is undeniable that you will have experienced emotions, and these do not reside in the physical heart or mind, so where are they? Regardless of where you come from, you will at some point have walked into a room where people have been arguing and felt the air thick and heavy and “dark”. Or you’ve been to a holy site and even if it stands empty you feel something different. That’s energy.

All of energy has a source. An origin. The same is said for humanity, for the planet, for the very cosmos. That source, however you believe that source to exist, must therefore necessarily have or BE energy in order to produce energy, because nothing comes from nothing.

If energy exists, then it can change, it can be affected negatively, positively, can be altered, can be made to expand or implode. Whether this refers to electricity, the atomic bomb, or your own feelings, this remains true.

Energy Healing is a complementary health practice that is designed not to replace medical practice but to enhance and complement it. Energy includes practices such as Reiki, Accupuncture, Accupressure, Energetic Massage, Tao, and Qigong, among others. One does not have to belong to a particular religion to either practice it or receive from it. Energy and healing cannot be imposed on anything or anyone, and neither is not a form of ‘hocus pocus’ to affect the will of a receiver in any way. (Let the reader understand that we do not endorse any form of ‘hocus pocus’ and believe that there are repercussions to the latter, not the least of it being that any hocus pocus will  always bounce back 7 x 7.)

Energy work is a practice of making healing energy available to a client for such a client to receive or reject at their discretion. It is a practice of integrity. Unlike a blood transfusion, energy cannot be forced onto or transfused into anyone. Human beings, by virtue of their ability to choose, will always consciously and subconsciously elect to either receive or repel energy of any kind. Anger, Love, Peacefulness, it is all a choice. Reaction is a choice. Energy work respects this choice because it cannot do anything but respect such a choice. It simply doesn’t work any other way.

In life coaching I always tell my clients that life is about choice. Nobody can make you smile if you don’t want to. Nobody can make you angry if you don’t let them. Nobody is responsible for your actions or your REACTIONS but you. You cannot hold another accountable for your actions. Similarly, nobody can give you any kind of energy if you don’t want to receive it.

The body contains spots or locations where energy is kept, diffused, distorted, etc. These energy centers that reside the body work in tandem with the vibrational frequencies of the various energetic fields that surround each human being. Energy fields around the body include the etheric plane, the mental plane, the emotional plane, among others. You may have heard  of “Chakras” or “Dantien” depending on the field of study.These refer simply to the points in the human being where energy can be stored and from which energy can be obtained.

I draw from many fields of study in my energy work. It is felt by my clients both at a distance as well as in person. As an experienced counselor I offer intuitive life coaching and counselling; as an Advanced Level Energy Worker I offer energy work to clients around the world as a tool for emotional, physical and psychological complementary healing.