What is Life Coaching?

Why MindspaceIntuition?

Life Coaching (or personal mentoring) is a process wherein an individual engages the services of a qualified coach and explores the career, business, relationship, family and other aspects of their life so as to make personal choices that are best aligned to what they aspire to get out of life. From goal setting to learning to balance work and play, an experienced life coach has the qualifications and life experience to be a guide, a support, even a role model in some areas. Intuitive counseling involves insight that goes beyond the average and processing events in such a way that closure is found and balance is re-established. As an intuitive coach I take my education and business experiences just as seriously as I do the energy healing quotient of the support I give to clients. Instead of purely goal-orientated “guidance” my personal brand includes relationship support and rescue, trauma counseling, PTSD assistance and energy healing.

I firmly believe in respecting the personal beliefs of my clients and supporting them in the choices they make in the best way I can.

The purpose of this blog is to provide readers with a bird’s eye view of some of the issues dealt wit during  both life coaching, relationship rescue and energy healing that I have encountered and continue to encounter as I walk alongside women in their path to personal freedom and personal success.

During the process of Life Coaching we take women from a place of powerlessness or fear and safely guide them through the quagmire of their realities and the issues they encounter in life as we progress towards their personal goals.During relationship rescue we work through the damage done, the lessons learned, and the love that can be restored. Where it can not, we work through the process of walking away. During energy healing we locate the blockages that affect physical, emotional, mental or spiritual growth and/or cause pain and discomfort. I bring my knowledge of 4th different educational qualification, years of business experience and recognized qualifications in Reiki as well as personal intuition into the coaching relationship, so as to best serve my clients.

The blog addresses issues that arise with women, around women, and in every day life. From relationship issues and abuse to professional concerns and community living, the blog aims to make you think; make you question what you think you know, revisit the dreams you held in the face of the reality you are living and hopefully find yourself again.

There are many themes that emerge as we work with women and whilst we may touch on them, we will always use an alias for the safety and peace of mind of the women we help.

As a life coach, motivational speaker and intuitive counselor, I deal with many different issues and it is not possible in one blog to cover them all. At times one intervention is sufficient, and at other times a process of weeks or months is put in place where we work through the various obstacles (both personal and professional) that stand between you and success, in every area of your life.

We believe in service that is uplifting, realistic, purposeful and objective driven.

Take a lesson from the mountain goat; it may take him many moons to reach his destination. He may overcome many obstacles, he may want to give up when avalanches of sands and rocks seem to rain down. But he never, EVER gives up. Our values, similarly, include tenacity, patience, single-minded focus and a refusal to allow failure of any kind to dictate the way forward.

True success is hard work, but when you look back from a position of personal victory, time and effort are just a memory.


If it’s over, learn something and move on. If it’s not over, find it, nurture it and grow it. If it’s time to move on, let’s get it done.