Fall down 11 times. Get up 12.

One challenge facing people today is that of career choices.The world is changing fast, technology is impacting us daily and so it is that the way we do business has to adjust, and sometimes that adjustment is too much for the individual. Sometimes, it’s perceived as easier to just “cut your losses” and move onto something different. If you’re in this position there are a few things you need to take into account:

  1. Are you qualified?

Just because something is trending doesn’t mean it’s for you. Just because a friend is doing well with their consulting/bookkeeping/catering business doesn’t mean that you will. I believe there is such a thing as talents or gifts; follow your passion and you’re halfway there. I can think of nothing worse than putting all your money into a business deal that you just aren’t cut out for. I can’t tell you how many “Marketers” I’ve met, how many “Psychologists” I’ve talked to. Just because you want it doesn’t mean you should do it. And that adage goes for many things. It’s about maturity – figure out exactly what skills and competencies are needed for a particular path before you start charting a course and paying rental on an office space that will stand empty. If it IS you, then get the training you need. Even the most gifted beautician can benefit from training under someone experienced in the art and in the business of BUSINESS. If you’re unsure, see a career counselor or a professional life coach/mentor. They will help you explore options, but the choice will and must always be yours.

2. Expand your mind
If you’re looking for change, chances are that what you’re doing hasn’t worked.And it’s very probable that you only see 20% of the possibilities out there. There may very well be opportunities out there in terms of business, career or personal education that you have never considered a possibility and in actual fact may be very suited for you. If  you are a very creative person, but you’re quite an introvert it won’t help to take a course in Public Relations and hope for the best. So rather start where you’re at: Make a list of the skills and competencies you have, talk to your friends, family and business partners and ask them to describe what they see as your biggest talents. Then stretch your perception of what is out there.Cruise some job specs outside of what you would normally look at and draw up a list of possibilities before committing to a course of action.

3. Chase the joy!

Misery may love company, but working at something you hate is not a life; it’s just an existence and an empty one at that. Choosing a career or occupation that makes you feel alive and productive is worth more than all the money in the bank accompanying a sad life.

4. Speak up

Let people know you’re heading for a change. This will both inspire you and help you to keep it real.

5. Keep it real
Things don’t happen overnight. Not friendships, not relationships and not careers. So once you’ve decided which direction to go you have to keep at it, plot your course and chisel away at the blockages because they are bound to come up, and then just press on.

Fall down 11 times get up 12.Never quit. Never stop. Unlike relationships where people can give up on you a career is all YOU, so never, EVER give up on what you want. Be unshakable and success is the only possible outcome.

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A life coach and energy healer's blog about experiences shared, lessons learned and challenges overcome. A place of serenity where the feminine psyche finds expression. Comments and opinions welcome.
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